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All facilities of the Turku PET Centre are located in the University campus and clinics. The facilities of the Turku PET Centre currently include cyclotron laboratory, radiochemistry laboratory, preclinical laboratory and PET imaging laboratory and small animal imaging laboratory.

In 1999 the Turku PET Centre got a new dedicated building and the current facilities consist of about 3000 m2 for chemistry and imaging laboratory. The centre has at the moment 3 cyclotrons (MCG-20 (Efremov), Cyclone 3 (IBA, Belgium) and 18 MeV cyclotron (CC-18, Efremov). Radiochemistry laboratory consists of 16 Hot Cells with automated synthesis equipment for tracer development and production, and is operating under GMP quality standards.

The imaging laboratory consists of 3 PET, 3 PET/CT scanners, MRI scanner and digital ultrasound devices. The PET scanners are whole-body PET/CT scanners GE Discovery VCT and GE D690, whole-body scanner Siemens/CTI HR+, dedicated brain/animal scanner CTI High Resolution Research Tool (HRRT) and small animal Inveon PET/CT and stand alone PET scanner.

PET Centre has own MRI scanner for research use (Philips 1,5 T cardiovascular MRI scanner). The digital ultrasound devices at the Centre is Acuson Sequoia. In the preclinical imaging laboratory we have also high-resolution (25 micrometer) phosphor imaging device (Fuji FLA-7000) for ex vivo studies.  

All these devices and systems are run by professional staff of Turku PET Centre, which has already an experience of 35 years of tracer production and 20 years of PET imaging.
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